Monster Tuna Fishing — 4 over 1000 lbs!

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 22, 2012

In muscles, stamina, strength and size nothing comes close to the Bluefin Tuna. For many years the waters out of Prince Edwards Island in Nova Scotia was the place where these brutes gathered to feed on herrings and mackerels but then they more or less disappeared for decades. Thanks to strict commercial restrictions and management the monster tunas are back! Bluefin’s exceeding 1000 and even 1500 pounds visit these waters and a carefully managed charter business is allowed to take sports fishermen out on the ultimate adventure — to challenge a giant Bluefin!
Thomas Petersen from and three of his friends took up the challenge and caught four Bluefin’s over 1000 lbs!
This is their video from a monster tuna fishing trip…

Duration : 0:6:46

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My Surf Fishing Setup

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Feb 7, 2012

Watch in HD! This is what I usually use for surf fishing for Bluefish, Redfish, Shark, Spanish Macks, and anything else that swims by! Thanks for watching!

Duration : 0:4:48

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Blue fin Tuna Fishing off Gloucester MA 9/28/11 bluefin tuna 76 inch giant & two fish in two days.

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Dec 3, 2011

Fishing Off Gloucester MA for blue fin tuna is becoming fun. This is the second Fish out of three trips but its not easy. The captain of this boat has been a quick study and thanks to that we got this 275 pound Blue fin that only took 50 min to get in. This shows the how to fish for blue fin tuna are way so in enjoy.

Duration : 0:9:52

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Fishing Adventures #77 – Start of the Tuna Season in Fujairah

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Oct 31, 2011

Deep sea offshore saltwater game sport fishing trip adventures video trolling in Fujairah, UAE (not Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE Oman Kuwait Bahrain Doha) in the Indian Ocean, catching Bonito Little Tunny or Blackfin tuna fish. We left the Fujairah marina on a charter boat and went out for a great day of fishing. We trolled tuna lures and the C&H lures rattle jet. It was the start of the tuna season with mostly small fish caught. Please rate my videos and leave a comment. Fish On !

Duration : 0:5:30

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Tuna Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico – WARNING! Graphic Content.

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 19, 2011

WARNING!!! Video may be too graphic for children. Here’s the first Yellowfin Tuna I caught in the Gulf of Mexico. I was introduced to the “tuna virgin” ritual. The heart is rubbed on your cheeks, then you take a big bite. It was a bit of a surprise, but it made the experience memorable. If you’re interested in chartering a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, I recommend calling Captain Andy Cook at (504) 319-7300 or Captain Brett Ryan at (504) 231-1842.

Duration : 0:1:48

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Saltwater Fishing for Monster Stingrays

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Feb 7, 2011

This is a Video of my friend Kyle Fighting a Monster Stingray while Saltwater Fishing for his first time in Florida.

Get Your Own Fish or Shark Mount At

Bait Used — Ballyhoo
Hook — 7/0 Owner AKI
Leader — 5′ of 100lb mono
Reel — Penn 6500ss
Line — 100lb Power Pro
Rod — JR Custom Spinning Rod

Duration : 0:3:6

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Ocean City, MD Overnight Tuna Fishing

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 22, 2010

Overnight fishing trip out of the Bahia Marina in Ocean City, MD on the charter the “Last Call”. The catch was scores of Yellowfin Tuna, and the beer was always cold. Departed at 5am on Saturday, returned 9am Sunday. Amazing trip with my boys.

Duration : 0:9:31

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