If you go fishing on a sport fishing boat and catch a 30 pound tuna – how much meat do you take home?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jul 18, 2010

what I am trying to ask is how much of a fish’s weight is lost when you have the boat fillet the fish for you? Is it better to take the whole fish home and do it yourself?
I love fish. Yum. I don’t want to catch and release. I want to bring home as much as possible, but I have never filleted a large fish before.

If you know how to fillet a fish it’s always better to do it yourself. I saw someone catch a 30# Red Drum and she had the fish cleaner fillet it for her. She went home with much less fish than she should have. Fish cleaners charge by the pound and they weigh it before they clean it. Some cleaners are better than others, but I trust my own skill much better.
Really it all depends on the cleaner. I would guess that for a 30 pound fish you would probably take home 15-18 pounds at the most with a good cleaner. You’ll loose a lot just from the guts, bones, and head.
Sometimes, for some people, it’s just less hassle to let them do the dirty work.
Good luck! Hope this helps!