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Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jul 3, 2012 Saltwater fishing in florida how to fishing video, saltwater fishing the florida keys, how to fish, fishing tips educational fishing blog coming soon! Get ready, no need to get frustrated anymore about expert fisherman “holding back” secrets from you…I’ll show you everything!

Are you tired of asking fishing questions only to be given the “run around” because they don’t want you to learn their secrets? My name is Luis & I’ve been fishing for more than 30 yrs. I know a little about this wonderful amazing sport we call sport fishing. I fish both saltwater & freshwater. I’m happy to guide & teach you what you need to know to become a successful sport fisherman (or fishergirl).

I’m based out of Miami. Fl. where my backyard has water on three sides! The atlantic, gulf, & beautiful florida keys. So if you have a dream & passion to learn & become an expert sportfisherman, then you’ve found the right place! As always, any questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to call me at 305-815-2629 (Luis) I look forward to providing you the fishing tips & strategies that helped me so much over the yrs.

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Inshore Saltwater Fishing Action Live Bait

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 19, 2012

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The calm before the Storm. Irene actually missed us, but this is the same weather system, and if you know anything about Hurricanes, the systems suck out all the bad weather, and this is an example of that low pressure

Amazing Snook Fishing Video

Incredible Bait Migration

MUST SEE!! Snook Fishing Tip

Easy Throw Castnet Video


Location: Fort Lauderdale Strip
Bait: Select Dogleg Pilchard
Tackle: Ugly Stick with Penn Reel

NOTE: Those are straight up in-House bait kept in a tank with a pump. Although bait would have been pretty easy to catch. Jeff chose to bring selects.

Looking for bait? So are we! So much so that we have a YouTube Channel just about Bait. Subscribe and watch the playlists.


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Fish and ships (Ghana)

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 12, 2012

Fishermen anywhere in the world have a hard job. In Ghana it's made harder for local fishermen as they face competition from bigger foreign fishing boats — some operate above board, others don't. And when fish isn't available on the market then people turn to illegally hunted meat for their supper. Edwin Kumah Drah reports from a fishing town of Winneba. Source: No Copyright Infringement Intended

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Hour Jacks – EXTREME SALTWATER fishing

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 5, 2012

Capt. Blair fishes for monster-sized jack crevalle off of Florida’s space coast with Capt. Jimmy Ross.

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Duration : 0:5:27

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what is the difference between freshwater and saltwater fishing poles?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 26, 2012

ive gone fishing in freshwater a few times and decided id like to get my own rod but i also will go fishing in mexico. What type should i get if i want to do both and if you could refer one to me from like

It really does depend on what type of fish you are going after. There are way to many to chose from. There is no one rod out there that is going to work for all fish. Are we talking Large mouth bass and calico bass or sturgeon and Albacore tuna. One rod might be able to work for these two different fish.
As far as "say" Bass goes. I would go with a nice set up like a shimono rod medium heavy and a Abu Garcia Revo Reel.
The difference is saltwater rods are built to withstand corrosion from salt water. Don’t go cheap when you go in saltwater or you will regret it later. Also wash the rod with fresh water when you get home to help avoid any corrosion.
Might want to go to a bass pro shops and talk with someone in the fishing section and they will point you in the right direction.
Happy Hunting.

Fly Fishing Basics | Part 2

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 23, 2012

Fly Fishing Basics | Part 2

In part 1 of this short fly fishing basics series, Tim Gaunt-Baker talked about the synergy between the rod and the line; the meaning of the markings on the rod as well as the double taper and weight forward lines.

As a fly fishing beginner, the best line to start with is a weight forward line that matches your rod. Note, you must ensure you get a well balanced rod.

In this, part 2 of Fly Fishing Basics, Tim demonstrates both the correct way and the incorrect way of performing the roll cast and the overhead cast, the two building blocks of fly fishing.

For a more detailed, written explanation of the fly fishing basics tutorials, go to:

Duration : 7 min 43 sec

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What is a good rod and reel i can buy to use for both freshwater trout fishing and some pier saltwater fishing?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 23, 2012

I want to buy a good rod and reel to use for my next trip to Laughlin for trout fishing on the Colorado and use at the beach for pier fishing. Maybe an Abu Garcia rod and reel.

A 6-7 ft soft action ugly stick and a kmart shimano (the big one incase you hook a large fish on the pier). Have 10-15 lb test on the reel and use a long 4-6 lb test mono leader when fishing for trout. Use heavier leader and weight when ocean fishing. All this should be well under 100 dollars.

Saltwater Fishing in Cape Cod (Full Length TV Show)

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 22, 2012

This week Ivo and the gang take you out to the saltwaters of Cape Cod where they jig up and fish for a mixed bag of different fish.

They use Viper Spoons to bucktail jigs, and land themselves a nice boat full of fish!

You can get your own Viper Spoons here:

We also show you how to clean a striped bass!

As always,
Good fishin’!

Duration : 0:20:4

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Adventure Project: Ice Fishing Canada

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 21, 2012

In the winter of 2007/08 I was working as a ski instructor in Canada living with my brother. My little brother fresh from year 12 exams visited we thought we should do more than just ski. We went ice fishing

Duration : 3 min 22 sec

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What are the best saltwater fishing forums?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 20, 2012

I like a laid back casual forum where I can read about fishing trips as well as ask questions in the "newbies forum" without it being too hostile towards beginners.

I like catching redfish and sharks. I live near Tampa Bay & I absolutely love the salt water. I’m ready to check out a few sites and get started!

if you can find a fishing forum that isnt full of bs id like to know. you could try feild and somebody on there might know something