What Setup should I get for my first surf fishing trip?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 29, 2011

I am going on a backpacking trip up the lost coast and want to try out surf fishing, but have no gear and have never been much of a fisherman. What essential gear do I need in order to catch a fish? If anyone out there could give me a good idea for a basic setup that would be effective but lightweight I would really appreciate it!

One thing’s for sure, the rod should be a travel rod like the one shown at http://www.go-saltwater-fishing.com/travel-fishing-rods.html. Any other type will be a pain in the butt to take on a backpacking trip.
Pair it with a spinning reel loaded with 15lb nylon monofilament line, buy a few shore casting rigs and some 2oz to 4oz leads and you’re all set. These rigs are cheap, and having a few professionally made-up ones means you can use them as patterns for tying some yourself.
Tight lines!

What Is The Difference Between A Freshwater And A Saltwater Fishing Pole?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 29, 2011

I LIve In Ohio And My Parents Are Always Taking Me On Vacation To Places With Saltwater And I Was Wondering If I Could Use A Saltwater Pole In Freshwater, Or What The Difference Between The Two Were. Thanks For The Help!

Saltwater poles are usually better built to handle the salt, they are also stronger than freshwater poles. I’ve gone fishing in saltwater with freshwater poles, they work perfectly fine, you just need to make sure you clean it after your done.

My Fishing Trip

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 29, 2011


Duration : 58 min 49 sec

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hb surf july 20 2006

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 29, 2011

hb surf july 20 2006

Duration : 3 min 27 sec

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Fishing Knots: 03 The Albright Knot

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 29, 2011

The Albright Knot is a very useful fishing knot.

Please view all of the videos in the Fishing Knots series!

Duration : 2 min 28 sec

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Best Fishing Spots in Washington

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 10, 2011


Duration : 23 min 4 sec

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Pod Surf TV – Surfer Danny Wills

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 10, 2011

An action packed interview full of awesome surfing. Danny Wills talks about to you about life and surfing. www.podsurf.tv

Duration : 4 min 20 sec

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Fishing Tour at Lake mead

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 10, 2011

bass and catfish fishing at lake mead near the hoover dam.

Duration : 3 min 10 sec

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What are the tackle essentials for inshore saltwater fishing?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 9, 2011

I live in the Destin Florida area and have been fishing alot recently with my friends. We dont have a boat or access to one so Im fishing alot off of docks, bridges, and sometime wading out in the water. What are some tackle essentials, and tips to be succesful? Im new to saltwater fishing to any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I don’t have a boat either in fresh or saltwater i just fish the beaches, docks, bridges, jetties, etc. For inshore fishing i like soft plastics like Ron-Z’s they work well. A few other good suggestions would be topwaters, rattle baits, crank baits, and stick baits should work just fine. The only thing i would avoid for inshore fishing is like deep divers, and trolling stuff because if you don’t have a boat how are you going to troll and many of the inshore waters aren’t like 100 ft so you won’t need anything too deep. Hope this helps:)

Atlantic City- the Crown Jewel of the Jersey Shore

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Jun 8, 2011

Atlantic City is better than ever!

This fun filled destination, famous for gambling and ritzy casinos, offers great entertainment, good restaurants, shopping, relaxing on the beach, and more. While casino gambling remains its major attraction, the city is intent on becoming a destination that offers fun and excitement for the entire family.

With over 37 million visitors a year, this New Jersey beachfront resort now rivals other major tourist destinations like Las Vegas and Disney world.

It certainly lives up to its motto “Always Turned On!”

Atlantic City has a long and fascinating history.

Dr. Jonathon Pitney originally developed the city as a seaside health resort for

the wealthy residents of Philadelphia. Development as a major resort for the not so wealthy took off significantly after 1854 when Philadelphia investors created a rail line linking Atlantic City with Camden, just across the river from Philadelphia.

It is the real-life model for the board game Monopoly, the nation’s first Boardwalk, the world’s first big Ferris wheel, the first color postcards, and the home of the first Miss America Beauty Pageant.

During prohibition and the depression, Atlantic City was a center for bootlegging, smuggling, speakeasies and illegal gambling. The mafia found Atlantic City to be a good place for profitable business operations and vacationing. The nearby Pine Barrens were convenient and well suited for the mafia’s activities. Because of its seclusion and forest cover, and close proximity to Atlantic City (as well as New York and Philadelphia where many mafia resided), the Pine Barrens proved to be ideal for distilling, bootlegging, and body disposal. In was in Atlantic City where the Mafia established itself as a national organization. Fearing the end of prohibition and the loss of profitable bootlegging operations, Mafia leaders from the Midwest and East Coast, — Al Capone Frank Costello, Meyer Lansky, and Lucky Luciano — held their first national conference in 1929 at the President Hotel. It was here that they were able to develop a system of arbitration and solidify networks made through bootlegging to become a national organization.

With airline travel flourishing and the Caribbean and Florida becoming a magnet for east coast tourists, Atlantic City experienced a decline during the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. This phenomenon prompted visionary city officials to seek an alternative draw as they campaigned to get the state to open the city to gambling in the hopes of revitalizing the city and restoring it to its former glory days. With the passage of the Casino Gambling Referendum in 1976, and with the opening of the first casino at Resorts International in 1978, Atlantic City began its resurgence as a major destination for fun and entertainment.

Since then, the City has experienced continued development of hotels, casinos, nite clubs, entertainment, and other fun attractions offering more than casino gambling.

When is the best time to visit?

While there is year round activity, with the summer being the peak season, the more budget minded visitors might consider coming in the winter from January – April, when almost all hotel casinos offer outstanding deals and the facilities are less crowded.

What can families who do not gamble do?

Atlantic City provides lots of entertainment beyond the casinos. Stroll the famous Boardwalk, six miles long and 60 feet wide, paralleling the ocean, it is the largest of New Jersey’s boardwalks. It’s free! Hop on a historic rolling wicker chair and ride in style. The Boardwalk is the place to see and be seen. Forget the calories and indulge in a juicy hot dog with all the trimmings, chewy saltwater taffy and filmy cotton candy.

In the mood for some shopping? Try the Atlantic City Outlets – The Walk. It’s an outlet mecca offering very good shopping from children’s clothing to home decor and jewelry, to quality clothing including Coach, Banana Republic, and Brooks Brothers. Enjoy the many restaurants and clubs located within this complex.

Try the Quarter at the Tropicana, where the streets of Havana come alive, with many unique shops and restaurants, from a burger with the kids to fine dining.

This city boasts the best concentration of first class restaurants in the state, as well as outstanding Philly cheese steak sandwiches, pizza, and family restaurants.

Enjoy a day at the beaches or on the water with a dolphin/whale-watching cruise, parasailing, or a fishing expedition. This destination also offers great ocean fishing and depending on the time of the year, you might catch Marlin, Shark or Tuna.

Check out the Atlantic City Aquarium located in the Historic Gardner’s Basin. It offers a fun and educational look into more than 100 varieties of fish and marine animals.

For golf enthusiasts, there are several championship golf courses nearby, including Blue Heron Pines East and West, The Links at Brigantine Beach, Harbor Pines, Mays Landing Golf and Country Club, Sand Barrens Golf Club, Shore Gate Golf Club and Twisted Dune Golf Club.

If you’d like to learn more about the city in its glory days, visit the Atlantic City Historical Museum and Cultural Center.

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum offers many attractions including the world’s only wood-carved medieval castle, a roulette wheel made entirely of jellybeans, and a gallery dedicated to disasters and human survival stories.

The Absecon Lighthouse, built in 1857 at 171 feet, is the tallest lighthouse in New Jersey. You can climb 228 steps for an unbeatable view of the casinos, boardwalk and shoreline.

Atlantic City is better than ever!

Frank Dalotto

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