Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

Located 200 nautical miles east of Bali, Komodo National Park nestles between the large islands of Sumbawa and Flores, all of which are part of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands (Nusa Tenggara on current maps).

It transgress some islands when cruising to Komodo. Diving liveaboard komodo with Sea Safari Cruise start from Bali and will layover in Moyo Island, Tora Longkoy Rinca, Satonda and Nusa Kode. All of island s have amazing underwater habitat.

Komodo Island and national park reserve offers just about every type of tropical diving imaginable – from calm and colourful shallow reefs alive with hundreds of colourful reef fishes and crammed with invertebrates, to current-swept deep water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tuna and other big fish.

The variety of marine life for scuba diving in Komodo rivals the world’s best dive destinations. This is the world’s epicentre for marine diversity and you’ll see loads of stuff here on a diving cruise that you just won’t see anywhere else in the world – From whale sharks, sunfish, mantas and eagle rays to pygmy seahorses, ornate ghost pipefish, clown frogfish, nudibranchs and blue-ringed octopus – all at home amongst a spectacular range of colourful sponges, sea squirts, tunicates and corals – a macro enthusiast’s heaven.

Geologically, Komodo and Rinca are part of Flores, separated from Sumbawa to the west by the Sape Strait. In the middle of the strait, the bottom drops to almost 300 metres. The many islands and relatively shallow seas between Flores and Komodo’s west coast mean very fast currents at tidal changes, especially when the higher tidal waters of the Pacific in the north flow through into the Indian Ocean to the south. The upwellings from the deep surrounding seas bring nutrients and plankton to keep the Komodo waters rich and well-fed.

Unlike other parts of Indonesia, the reefs around the south of the islands have suffered relatively little damage from dynamite fishing. Much of the area now lies within the protection of the national park. The shallow reefs between Flores and the northern region however, were bombed in the past but are now recovering their former splendour. The affected area covers around 15% of the archipelago, and even here steep drop-offs and current-swept points offer excellent Komodo diving.

The island is also famous for its Komodo dragon monitor lizard, the largest lizards in the world. An alert and agile predator and scavenger that can reach 2.5 metres in length and 125 kg, they are known locally as ‘Ora’ and now about 1,100 inhabit the island and about half that live on nearby Rinca Island.


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Getaway in Gulf Shores

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

While everyone knows that Florida boasts beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, make this the year you get off the beaten path and experience similarly striking sandy stretches in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Boasting sparkling white sand, emerald-green water, and more recreational adventures than you ever imagined, Gulf Shores is a veritable wonderland of utter relaxation and family entertainment.

Most of Gulf Shores’ appeal rests directly on the fine sand beaches, and it is easy to see why since they are comprised of 95 percent quartz and one hundred percent breathtaking beauty. The white sands almost appear too white as they slide gently into the green water and invite you to throw down a towel for an afternoon under the warm summer sun. While it is easy enough to lose track of time simply soaking in the scenery and the unbelievable quality of the beach, Gulf Shores requires that you take advantage of all the excitement it has to offer.

A memorable day in the sand can always be found at Gulf Shores Public Beach, where you can join in a rowdy volleyball game, hang out at the beach bar, grab a quick bite to eat at a seaside restaurant, or people-watch in the shade under a picnic pavilion. Although these are exceptional beach facilities that you should certainly exploit, they are merely side notes to the activities in and around the water. The gentle surf means swimming is great for adults and children alike, while taking a leisurely stroll, sand-castle building, and fishing in the Gulf are other possibilities for your day at the beach.

Although Gulf Shores does not draw visitors en masse like the nearby beaches on Florida’s Panhandle, you will still find some crowds at Gulf Shores Public Beach when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. However, one way to make Gulf Shores more of a personal hideaway is to head to the uncrowded sands of Gulf State Park. More than just a place to swim and soak up some sun rays on its 2.5 miles of beaches, visitors can also enjoy scheduled beach walks, hiking trails, and nature films to learn more about the ecosystem of Alabama’s Gulf Coast.

While there is no better place in Gulf Shores to kick back and enjoy a lively, upbeat atmosphere than on the beaches, the great outdoors have plenty more to offer for a truly memorable getaway. Throughout the community, there are paved and unpaved trails where bicyclists, rollerbladers, hikers, and runners can enjoy breathtaking views and experience the cultural, historical, and environmental significance of this waterfront wonder. If the pull of the water is too much to resist but you want something more than a day of relaxation, fishing charters, dolphin-watching cruises, scuba diving excursions, and jet ski rentals are all at your beck and call for a truly lively and entertaining vacation.

Gulf Shores and its many delights clearly center around its recreationally-affluent waterfront, so why not stay as close as possible to all of the excitement in a Gulf Shores condo rental. Offering panoramic views of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico at all hours of the day, in addition to easy access to all of your favorite activities, Gulf Shores vacation rentals are the logical choice for the most relaxing and convenient beachfront retreat. The next time you truly want to getaway from it all without leaving all of the comforts and luxuries of home behind, look no further than Gulf Shores, Alabama and its many vacation home rentals.

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Penn International: Penn Reels Haven

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

Penn International: Penn Reels Haven

When you want to shop for fishing reels, you can find a wide selection of these. Among the most popular and top-performing reels in the industry are Shimano and Penn. Penn Fishing Tackle Company has been catering to fishermen and anglers for more than seventy years. It has provided durable fishing reels such as the Penn International series, conventional reels, baitcast reels, and spinning reels. Penn reels can be used for offshore fishing or inshore fishing, depending on the type of the reel. The greatest advantage that you can get from this maker is that no matter what type of fishing reel you buy, whether it is a Penn International or a conventional reel, you are guaranteed that it is capable of high performance.

Complete Your Saltwater Fishing Necessities with Penn Reels

Saltwater fishing has certain necessities that allows you to make the big catch. This goes especially if you are into big game fishing. One of your fishing necessities is the reel. If you want the most powerful fishing reel in the market, opt for Penn International series. Other than the International series fishing reels of the manufacturer, you can also find other types of reels. If you are building your own set of fishing tools, you can avail of reel and rod combos. There are several fishing equipment stores that offer this. You can pair Penn International reels with high-quality fishing rods. This is very convenient since you already have an idea that both parts of your fishing device are of superior caliber.

Penn International Reels and Rods Combination

While there are Penn reels, the Penn Fishing Tackle Company also produces rods. Among these are the following:
o Torque Jig series
o Mariner Stand Up
o Mariner Boat
o Power Stick Surf
o Power Stick
o Slammer
You can pair one these rods with a Penn International V series reel or one of the conventional or spinning reels. There are several stores that are offering combinations of high-performing reels and strong rods from the maker. You can take a pick from outstanding quality assortment of rods and Penn reels. Some of these stores offer their reel and rod combination with live baits. These combinations are perfect for angling dolphin, cobia, and kingfish fishes. On the other hand, you can take a pick from reel and rod combos that are great for drifting, trolling, and bottom bashing snapper or big grouper fishes. There are even suitable Penn International or conventional fishing reels for left-handed anglers. On the other hand, you can find appropriate combos for fishing halibut or sturgeon.

Opt for Online Stores When Shopping for Penn Reels

If you want to buy a Penn International series reel, the best place to find it is on the Internet. The web is full of stores that sell fishing reels and other equipments that are needed for fishing, whether it is done offshore or inshore.

One of the online sites, where you can find Penn reels is Sea Isle Tackle. Through this Internet source, you will be able to find the perfect combination of Penn fishing reel and rod.

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Pirate Tuna – Japan

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

27 March 2001
The majority of tuna is destined for the multi-million dollar Japanese market. Tuna is so over fished that some species are becoming endangered.

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Rons Fishing Tips: Surf Fishing With Bucktails.

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

Cape May Bait & Tackle LLC Presents an ongoing fishing series. In this particular video, Ron explains the use of this unique lure.

Duration : 0:2:2

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Keyring Solution – Saltwater Fishing Swivel

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 30, 2010

We saw these very heavy duty swivels at our local fishing / tackle store
These swivels designed for slat water fishing make great additions to items on a keychain or to add a swivel lanyard to a pocket knife or tool

A video gear review from Gear-Reviews.net

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Duration : 0:3:18

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SEO Melbourne fishing & ranking

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 29, 2010

How to setup your entry in Google maps so that it gets shown for the right search phrases.

Duration : 4 min 15 sec

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Sheep surfing

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 29, 2010

http://www.wfminkent.co.uk http://www.animalvirals.com
Ridiculously clever sheep able to surf?

Duration : 1 min 14 sec

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Minn Kota Riptide Transom Saltwater Motors

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 29, 2010

http://www.trollingmotors.net/trolling-motors/by-manufacturer/minn-kota/riptide/riptide-transom.html Minn Kota Transom mount saltwater trolling motors are the most affordable in the saltwater line.

Duration : 2 min 5 sec

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Blakenship Family Fishing Trip

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Nov 26, 2010


Duration : 21 min 26 sec

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