How to make a tuna fish sandwich without mayonnaise?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Tuna fish sounds like it would be a healthy sandwich on whole wheat bread, but not the mayonnaise. I have never seen it made any other way. Suggestions?

If you aren’t completely averse to oil:

Try one small packet or can of tuna.
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil. Don’t douse it in oil, add enough to coat the tuna. If it’s too dry, add a bit more.
A twist or two of lemon juice

If you’re allowed: Add fresh diced tomatoes.

Mix well.

Any tips for surf fishing on the pacific side of Costa Rica?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

going to the pacific coast of costa rica and I don’t do much salt water fishing, I just bought a surf casting rod to bring down with me, and looking for any tips or advice.

fly fish for rooster fish. They fight like mad no matter what the size. You walk up and down the beach until you see their fin above the water, cast, and badabing, serious action.

What lures work best for saltwater fishing at night for speckled trout?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Number 1 and probably THE best:

Any TOPWATER lure that can easily "walk the dog". I like "Heddon’s, Saltwater Super Zara Spook Jr." and "Rapala, X-Rap Walk 13 Topwater Lure". Spec Trout LOVE topwaters. (Make sure to keep your topwater "walking" through-out your cast.)

#2.) If your fishing around dock lights a Saltwater "Rapala, Husky Jerk Minnow" is primo. Cast the lure into the shadows and stop it right in the middle of a light source. WHAM!

#3.) Saltwater Spinner-baits EXCELL at night. I like the "Booyah, Red Daddy Jig". The vibration SB’s exude leaves a "sonic trail" for the fish to find. Add a "Berkley Gulp Saltwater Sandworm" OR "Berkley Saltwater Curly-tailed Powerbait Grub" as a trailer.

Make sure to use saltwater aerosol fish attractant on all lures.

Hope this helps? Good fishing!

Albacore-Tuna Fishing Southern California

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

85-100 Miles out from Newport Beach, Fishing aboard The Aggressor out of Newport Landing Sportfishing. Albacore were 20-35 Pounds Each

Duration : 0:6:41

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Road Trip – Surf Fishing

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Heather, Jeff, & Robbie make a road trip to the Gulf Of Mexico to do some surf fishing.

Duration : 0:6:56

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Scawfell Island Weekend with Mackay Gamefishing Club

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010
The Mackay Game fishing club had organised a social fishing and camping weekend for Scawfell Island, A large island 25 nautical miles from Mackay with a beautiful protected anchorage called Refuge Bay. Scawfell I believe is one of Mackay’s best kept secret, Beautiful sheltered beaches, great fishing on the shoals out the front, and awesome fringing coral reefs. Scawfell Island is a great place for a weekend, and even camping facilities for those without a bigger boat.
Sorry about the wind noise, but definately a choppy day and fishing in Marginal conditions, although the fishing was worthwhile, with some great fish caught and lost. I had a fish for a change and got some nice Nannygai with the best about 8 kilo’s, and managed to fill the esky. The highlight for me was a great 5 way hookup with three quality Nannygai, and a horse Grassy sweetlip and coral trout.
Scawfell Island is definately a must on the must visit list, and easily accessable with most trailer boats.
Please subscribe for some more great fishing action and tips,
Cheers Greg
Also check out our new fishing website at

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Point Pleasant, Nj – an Exciting Family Beach Destination

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Point Pleasant is the ultimate Jersey Shore family destination, offering exciting activities for a day trip, a week end, or as a summer vacation destination?

Point Pleasant Beach bills itself as family-oriented. The Boardwalk, one of the nicest in the state, stretches for a mile and has a first class aquarium, family amusements, rides, games of chance, arcades, food, live entertainment, and a one-of-a-kind Victorian-style ice cream parlor.

The beach is safe and clean where children build sandcastles and body surf in the ocean while their parents bask in the sunshine and cool salt-air breezes.

It has all the fanfare and excitement expected of a top rated beach town.

Downtown Point Pleasant boasts a shopping district with many unique shops and antique establishments, making the area a great location for all ages. And if shopping builds up an appetite, the many fine restaurants, coffee shops and cafes are there to satisfy whatever your taste is.

At night, the Boardwalk vibrates with colorful lights, exciting rides twisting with screams and music, and in the arcades you can hear the bleeps of the latest video games. For adults, several nightclubs with the latest music blasting away can be heard along with their dancing into the late night hours.

The commercial fishing industry is still an important year-round activity, and the sea-food restaurants and retail shops along Channel Drive and Inlet Drive are popular with residents and visitors alike.

Interested in becoming a resident, Point Pleasant was named the 3rd best place to live in the USA by the July 1997 issue of U.S. by Money Magazine,

Only a one-hour drive from New York City, or an hour and a half ride on New Jersey Transit, with a 15 minute walk to the boardwalk, this small town on the Jersey shore is a popular vacation spot for North New Jersey and NYC tourists, or “benny’s” as the locals call them.

Major Attractions

• JENKINSON’S AQUARIUM -Explore two floors of exotic fish, mammals, and birds. Facilities include a petting tank and a fossil room.

• POINT PLEASANT BEACH BOARDWALK Over a one-mile long boardwalk with arcades, amusements, entertainment, food stands and beach train. During the summer they also have fireworks and laser light shows.

• Point Pleasant Beach – clean beaches, accommodations, amusements, bathhouses, daily or seasonal badges, boardwalk, fishing, lifeguard on duty until 6:00, picnicking, scuba diving and surfing. There are both public and private beaches in Point Pleasant. A public access beach can be found at the southern end of town with an entrance on Ocean Avenue across from the Dunes Motel. It’s free, but be aware there are no lifeguards, so use common sense if swimming. Everything’s open from Memorial Day to Labor Day with lifeguards on duty from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

• The Festival of the Sea – One of Point Pleasant Beach’s top events. Held Downtown in September as an end of summer gathering. Local restaurants and vendors provide the large crowds with delicacies such as crab cakes, shrimp skewers, paella, soups and bisques, lobster, and other seafood items.

• The Point Pleasant Beach race – Sunday September 9th 2007, is a major offshore power boat Race. If you are on the beach or in a boat between Point Pleasant Beach and Bay Head, you’re in for a treat as boats roar down the ocean at speeds up to 115 miles per hour.

• Fishing – Point Pleasant offers the opportunity to catch some big tuna, bluefish and fluke. For those who just want to kick back, tours offer the use of all their equipment, leaving you with nothing to worry about. Party and charter boats go offshore from the Broadway Basin or Ken’s Landing.

• Kayaking – In summer, at Point Pleasant Beach, the north end is a kayak zone with nice 3- to 6-foot curlers at high tide when winds are from the east. During the off season, on the north side of the Manasquan Inlet, Manasquan Beach has an off-shore break that’s great after the crowds leave for the season.

Frank Dalotto

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Australian Beaches

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Ever lounge yourself in the cool waters? Take a dip with the famous Australian Beaches.

The Bondi Beach

A beach mecca for tourist, the Bondi Beach is the most well known beach in Australia. Tourist, lifesavers, surfers to sun worshipers, they abound the coast while enjoying the sun heat and the cool azure water. Bondi houses the Bondi Surf Bathers which is the oldest life saving club in the country.

The beach is a famous spot for tourist and celebrities. There abundant trendy restaurants and shops to enjoy the stay with. Outdoor dining is famous and much sought for.

Bells Beach

If Australian surfers had their own country, Bells Beach would be the capital. Everything about Bells Beach is geared for surfing. From the shops, to the number of major surf goods manufacturers who base their global operations there, to the chilled-out disposition of the locals themselves, it’s clear that Bells Beach is a surf town.

Palm Beach

Named as the jewel of the North, it just an hour drive away from the Opera House in Sydney. It is in the heart of the landmark peninsula. Bountiful contrast of lush green bushland and golden sound abound the beach. Relaxing casually would be perfect for a weekend vacation.

Ansons Bay

A tiny fishing haunt of the far north eastern coast of the island. It was known as ‘The Bay o’ Fires’. It has a story of antiquity dating back about 1830.however it was isolated for many years. However, now it comes within the scope of modern circumstances. It is a famous as a premier bream fishing resort enjoying all those advantages in climate for which the East Coast is known. Numbers of campers and tourists visit it in the season, where homely accommodation and boats are given. What makes it unique? Here the remnants of all the fauna and flora tribes maintain their ways, but in greatly small numbers.

There are a lot more great beaches sprawled in Australia. It is best that when planning a trip, information about the places to go is available. Don’t forget also to secure your Australian Holiday Visa to make your vacation possible. To date, trip to Australia is never maximized without plunging unto its waters. A dip is worth a visit.

Myrthle Robillos – National Visas


Go Fishing In The Warm Weather

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 29, 2010

Fishing is a popular method for pastime, which can provide you with a happy life in holiday. If choose a warm weather, you will feel more comfortable and safe. But when you go fishing in the warm weather, you’d better pay attention on the bad things. This article will teach you how to avoid them.

Because the hot summer sun can be harmful, your skin should be protected when fishing. Long pants and long sleeves provide better protection than shorts and short-sleeved shirts. Lightweight and light-colored clothing reflects the sun and is cooler than dark clothing.

Even in warm weather it’s a good idea to take a sweater or jacket and rain gear. Though it may be warm during much of the day, many fishing trips begin early when it’s still chilly and end late in the evening when it gets cool.

Western-style hats offer good protection from glare and sunburn. Lightweight, light-colored, baseball-style caps are also popular and will help keep you cool. In tropical areas, such as Florida and the Gulf Coast, some saltwater anglers put a cloth on the back of their caps to keep their necks from getting sunburned. Hats also protect your head from hooks on poor casts.

A pair of high-top sneakers is ideal for protecting your feet from sharp rocks and glass while wading in the summer. They will also protect your feet while you are fishing from the bank. When on a boat, wear shoes designed to keep you from slipping on a wet boat deck.


Fishing for Eagles

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Sep 28, 2010

Photographing eagles taking bait fish

Duration : 2 min 9 sec

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