How do you make a good tuna fish salad?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

What are some of the ingredients that you put in your tuna fish salad? How do you eat it? Plain or with bread or saltine crackers or other kinds of crackers?

I like tuna fish with mayo, rotinni noodles, salt, pepper, onion, peas, celery salt.

What are the best surf fishing places in Northwest Florida in Mid-Late September?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

We will be between Apalachicola and Pensacola in Mid-Late September. Also some tips on when and what to use would be helpful. I have been surf fishing before, but any input would be great. Thanks in advance.

Daniel: If you take hiway 30 along the coast, heading West out of Apalachicola there are some very nice beach access points along the hiway.

Also, you may be able to take the road out to St Joe spit, which use to be great beach access, with excellent surf fishing. Whiting and pompano mostly. We would gather sand crabs right out of the surf shoreline. If you find the crab beds the fish are usually right there.

Also, cut shrimp is very good if you can keep it away from the catfish,(although the gafftopsails are supposed to be good eating, we never ate them). If you are going to use shrimp, buy them live, carry them in a cooler with ice on the bottom, and a saltwater wetted cloth across the top, with the shrimp placed on the wetted cloth. They will keep a long time. Don’t cut then until ready for use. To avoid the catfish, try throwing small plastic grubs. If it is not working tip them with a small piece of shrimp.

Also, most of the beach areas west of P.C. are good, but you have to know what to look for in the surf zone. Check "youtube. com" to see if you can find any video on selecting surf fishing spots. It doesn’t matter where, choosing good surf fishing spots is the same the world over.

You should also check out the sea trout fishing, wade fishing the grass flats in St Joe and St. Andrews bay. Some of the best I have seen, and you can use your fresh water tackle and lures. (try yellow and orange top water lures).

Loved the fishing in that area!! Good Luck! Cbill

I have fresh saltwater fish a friend gave to me from his deep sea fishing trip?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

Any suggestions on how to cook it?
awesome yellow mustard-egg white recipe.. will try. We have soo much of it.

From an old pro fisherman…1 egg white (yolk makes it cakey instead of crisp) 2 T yellow mustard like French’s. Mix well and roll fish in it, then in cornmeal. It is to die for. The mustard is a little salty, as is the fish, then it tenderizes and flavors so very well. You would never know it was mustard tho! This frys up so very crisp, it gave me the idea to fry my okra with egg white rolled in corn meal, too! It was a success! Everyone raves about it, as well!

Things to See and Do While Enjoying Life in the Costa Maya

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

By becoming one of the many new Costa Maya residents you can leave behind your stressful, rushed life and adopt the local “manana” philosophy. Aside from the fact that the Costa Maya has been deemed one of the top investment choices among professional real estate investors, the laid back attitude is a big reason why so many are drawn to the area. However, if you need to take a break from relaxing in your hammock on your own Caribbean beachfront property, there are plenty of aquatic adventures around the peninsula and in your own front yard.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:
Travelers from all around the world travel to the Costa Maya region for the amazing scuba diving and snorkeling. The Great Mayan reef that runs parallel to the Costa Maya coastline is home to hundreds of species of sea life. In the clear blue waters you’ll see colorful saltwater fish, sea turtles, and anemones in their natural habitat. The reef is the largest in North America and the second largest in the entire world.

There are plenty of snorkeling and diving excursions you can enjoy from Cancun all the way down the coast to Majahual. If you’ve made the decision to own Costa Maya property you can venture right out from your own beach and make this peaceful experience a part of your everyday life.

Beach Horseback Riding:
One of the joys of owning Costa Maya property is the sense that you are truly free to live life according to your own desires. Perhaps no activity embodies that feeling more than riding a horse along the Caribbean coastline. Horses love running along the lapping shoreline and you’ll love the feel of the fresh and clean breezes blowing off the Caribbean Sea.

You can join one of the many beach horseback riding excursions or choose to stable your own horses on your Costa Maya property. If you’ve never ridden a horse before, you may quickly find yourself with a new hobby after a meditative solo ride or a romantic sunset experience.

Fishing has been the main source of income in this region for centuries. Just 30 years ago, places like Cancun were nothing more than little fishing towns. Today fishermen come from all over the world to fish in the abundant seas and lakes of the Yucatan Peninsula.

When deep sea fishing off the Costa Maya, you can expect to catch Mahi Mahi, Barracuda, Tuna, Snapper, Marlin, Permit, Tarpon, Jack, Sierra and Sailfish. Most of the packaged fishing excursions offered are per boat, so take as many friends and family members as you can fit and have a memorable adventure. For day to day fishing, you can build a pier on your Costa Maya property, take a chair and just relax and enjoy the view of the Caribbean.

When you own property in Costa Maya, you’ll not only get in on a great investment opportunity, but also enjoy the many pleasurable, eco-friendly activities that the Costa Maya has to offer. From scuba diving to horseback riding to fishing, visiting ancient ruins, and sailing, there is no shortage of things to do here if you tire of relaxing.

Christine Harrell

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Best Beaches in Kwazulu Natal South Africa

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

These beaches offer something for everyone, from protected beaches for family outings to the more untamed beaches that are a surfer’s paradise. Scuba dive or snorkel on the Elephant Coast or enjoy the holiday vibe at one of the South Coast’s four “blue flag” beaches.

The beaches offer plenty of relaxation and sporting opportunities, including surfing, boating, fishing and whale and dolphin watching, or for the more adventurous take a trip in a microlight to enjoy the spectacular view from above. It is also a surfer’s paradise, offering some of the best waves in the country. There are great waves wherever you go, with warm waters all year around, so that you need little more than a spring wetsuit for warmth, and on hot summer days even this is not a necessity.

Winter heralds the start of the true surf season, with breezy eight-foot swells sweeping in from the Cape coast between May and August. The swells are a bit smaller in the summer months, offering fun surf at the many beach breaks, with most surfers taking advantage of the wind-free mornings before the north-eastern winds pick up.

With some 600 kilometres of coastline only a handful of popular breaks get crowded, but many quieter waves can be found along the coast, with many good roads making for easy access. With all this on offer any surf fanatic would be sorry to miss this awesome coastline, and your adventure could even find you surfing a strip of coast that has never before been touched!

The KZN Southcoast is home to a range of “Blue flag” beaches.


A mile long beach on the South Coast, ideal for swimming, bodyboarding and surfing. There is also a famous fishing spot off a specially-constructed pier. Margate is a vibrant holiday town with dozens of restaurants, bars and shops, plus accommodation to suit any budget.


A beautiful, long sandy beach with an adjacent tidal pool. The beach is located between Southbroom and San Lameer and is close to the Trafalgar Marine Reserve and Mpenjati river mouth and lagoon. Lifeguards are always in attendance and facilities are maintained in top class standards throughout the year. Easy access for the disabled


Ramsgate is a quaint village just south of Margate. A quiet beach with picnic facilities in a park-like setting provides a peaceful haven from the bustling beach towns. An easy walking trail extends southwards from Ramsgate towards the picturesque Southbroom beach and lagoon.


Based on the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal, Hibberdene is a relatively narrow beach which is sheltered from the southerly winds. The often steeply sloped beach has good waves. A grassy picnic area makes it ideal for families. A new boat launching site has been developed alongside the Blue Flag area.


Lucien beach, which lies to the north east of Margate main beach, is a quiet but popular beach accessible by a steep set of stairs. Top class lifesaving facilities are in place in a new building which has lots of parking. The elevated parking area provides good views of the sea and coast stretching towards Margate. A good place to park and then walk along the coast towards Uvongo – a pleasant walk with views of dolphins and other sea-life. Easily accessible from the adjacent holiday flats.


This is the main swimming beach in Ballito, ‘Pearl’ of the North Coast. A 2.4 km boardwalk follows the shoreline southwards providing an opportunity for an easy stroll with spectacular views of bays and coves. A more rugged trail extends northwards from Willard to Shaka’s Rock which takes you through a hole in a cliff – best attempted at low tide.

Gerald Crawford

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Offshore Saltwater Boats

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 31, 2010

Offshore fishing is the stuff of legend, and brings about daydreams of hours-long battles with huge sailfish ala Hemingway. To realize those dreams, one must first own the right equipment, including an offshore fishing boat. Offshore fishing boats are not your everyday boat. They are much heavier and more rugged than the average lake runabout you see in many of your neighbor’s driveways. In fact, you are highly unlikely to see any kind of offshore boat in anyone’s driveway as most are not trailerable, though some of the smaller ones are.

Safety is a primary consideration when purchasing an offshore saltwater fishing boat, as you can’t just take any boat out into the open ocean. These boats must be able to withstand some rolling ocean waves, and be able to protect the occupants in case of sudden inclement weather. I’m not saying that your boat should be able to plow through the perfect storm, but at least be able to get out of the rain and expect to come out alive should a few waves come along. Other safety concerns includes having bilge pumps, radio contact with the shore, and radar to detect oncoming vessels who may not detect you, especially if you should happen to be one of those crazies who likes to fish close to shipping lanes. Having an adequate supply of food and water is also a primary concern should you be forced to camp out for a while due to a conked out motor in the middle of inclement weather. It may take a while for the Coast Guard to come and get you!

In general terms, the bigger your offshore boat the better off you are. Of course, this is a moot point to those of us not rich enough to buy one of those huge cabin cruisers that we all dream about. Trade-offs may need to be made…Just make sure that you are aware of the risks and take them under consideration when purchasing your boat. As might be expected, offshore boats are the most expensive of all leisure boats due to the increased ruggedness and sheer size of them. Offshore boats range in size from about 26′ in length to just about any length you can imagine and you can expect to pay anywhere from $40,000 on up to a cool $500,000 for a good offshore boat. Anything more expensive than that is a yacht and is nothing more than a status symbol!

The smaller offshore boats will be equipped with either single or dual outboard motors. Most offshore motors will be of the high-horsepower variety, due to the need to power through rough waters. On larger boats, you can expect to have an inboard diesel motor of many hundreds of horses. The overall price of the boat, of course, is directly related to the amount of power that is packed into the motors.

This article gives a general overview of some of the items to consider when shopping for an offshore saltwater fishing boat. For more specific information, as well as suggestions on where to purchase a good fishing boat, be sure to visit Fishing Boat HQ

Allen Bohart

Parties That Cook: How to Make Tuna Tartare in Wonton Cups

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 29, 2010
Parties That Cook Executive Chef, Bibby Gignilliat, demonstrates how to make Ahi Tuna Tartare in Won Ton Cups. A signature Parties That Cook recipe!

Duration : 4 min 51 sec

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Surf Travel, Surfing Maps, SURFING PEAKS AND BARRELS

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 29, 2010

"Peaks and Barrels" Where Traveling Surfers Go! Surf Maps Connecting Surfers to the Local Surf Shops and Surf Breaks. We are here to help make your Surf Trip A Success! The Home for Traveling Surfers! We provide the maps that make surf trips a success.

Duration : 56 sec

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Fishing Blues

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 29, 2010

An old Henry Thomas tune made famous by Taj Mahal.

For free tab and a free lesson on how to play this arrangement, visit

Duration : 3 min 43 sec

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what is the best brand of tuna fish?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on Aug 27, 2010

i am so finicky about tuna fish. but i know i have to eat more of it. (it is the only fish i will eat) what are your favorite brands of tuna? which ones are the QUALITY? which ones are less likey to have bits of scales in them or an eyeball looking out at me?

I’m like you….canned tuna is the only fish I will eat.

I don’t normally eat fish….I’ll eat shellfish…but normally not fish because of the fishy taste.

I have found that Bumblebee "solid white albacore" tuna is the most solid white chunks of tuna meat….and has the lowest fishy taste of all I have tried…which is a lot!

I used to eat "chunk light tuna" because that was what my mom bought….but once I started eating the solid white albacore tuna there’s no way I would ever go back!!