Fishing license-vey: before one can obtain their license to fish for tuna?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 31, 2010

are they required to be a master baiter?

BQ: is it best to use a stiff or flexible rod for tuna?

Good question.
You dont need to be a master anything.
just uhh..
my master?

I dunno.
I gots nothing.

How do I start surf fishing?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 31, 2010

This summer Im moving to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. And I want to start surf fishing. What do i need? What bait to use? What fish are in that area? Where is a good place to fish down there? Tell me all I need to know

Your not far from panama city beach pier. you can use a large surf reel with a surf rod and throw cigar minnows for cobia or kingfish or you can use a smaller rod and reel for flounder, redfish, pompano, and spot/croakers. baits would be shrimp, squid, cut bait or fishbites

what’s the difference between freshwater and saltwater fishing poles?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 31, 2010

I can see that the freshwater line capacity isn’t as much as the saltwater. So Is it ok for me to use a saltwater pole in fresh water?

The main difference is the size and the strength. I’ve seen a lot of people using saltwater-sized spinning outfits in fresh water for catfish. If the saltwater outfit isn’t too big and heavy for the fishing you’re doing, there’s no problem using it in fresh water.

Going the other way, if your freshwater outfit is strong enough for the fishing you’re doing in the ocean, there’s no reason not to use it there. You ought to make sure you rinse the salt water off it afterwards so it won’t corrode, but I’ve caught plenty of saltwater fish with "freshwater" tackle.

I need a new boat for fishing Tuna?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 27, 2010

I fish in Brooking Oregon. Now I want a boat to do Tuna fishing. What kind would be good ? thanks and good luck FISHING

One that Forrest Gump used

Surf fishing Long Beach Island NJ Any pointers?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 27, 2010

Ive fished off a pier for many years now and im trying surf fishing in LBI. Can anyone give me a list or suggestions for tackle and bait and rigs for some of the most plentiful fish there? Thanks!

September and October are THE months to be on the island, as the beaches are usually pretty heavy with migrating Striped Bass heading south, so you’ve got great timing, as it’s just getting started.
A medium to heavy 8 or 10 ft. spinning combo will work fine, and the best bait for these fish is always live fish, be it porgies,( menhaden), herring, peanut bunker, etc., live is always better. Find out whats working when you get there. Use a sliding bottom rig with the appropriate weight and hook and throw a live fish out as far as you can and you should be able to snatch one up.
PS. Night time is always best as Bass are nocturnal feeders, but don’t make the mistake of shining your lights directly on the water, as this will spook most fish, same as a lantern on the beach. Use a light to tend to your gear while facing away from the water, it will make a big difference.

What are the best saltwater fishing reels?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 27, 2010

I’m looking for a quality fishing reel that will last a long time. I have used almost a dozen of fishing reels over the years and I can’t seem to find a reel that does not break within a year!!!. I fished with a Penn reel and even that failed on me!!!. I don’t want to spend more than $65.00. Any suggestions?

I Fish the Salt water surf real hard, almost every day in season. I have been using 2 Cabelas Salt Striker Metal for 4 years now and they are still 100% mechanically and smooth, the paint is a little chipped but that’s normal. Here are some tips to keeping your reels working great.
1. Unscrew the reel case(were the gears are) and pack it with red or blue bearing grease. I mean PACK IT. This helps keep most of the salt water and sand from getting to your gears and corroding them.

2.Try to rinse your reel with fresh water every-time or at least most of the times you return from a trip, especially if it fall in the sand or water.

3. Clean out the reel grease once a year and pack it with new grease.

You won’t be disappointed with this reel, here it is, make sure its the METAL one, there are two models, the other one has a plastic body and will not last. Oh by the way, if you don’t like the color of the SS Metal, I believe the Pfleugar Medalist is the same reel, I will try to post it. Good Luck

How much does one tuna fish sell for?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 23, 2010

I was just watching a tv show about tuna fishing, it says that one tuna fish is worth (US)$75,000. I mean i was shocked as anything, this seems like a way ridiculous price! So is this really true?

LOL I am watching that show right now and am trying to find the same answer.

Update: Found the answer here
www . pacifictunaventures . com/ TunaMarketing . htm
you have to remove the spaces

Theres a story there of one fish selling for over $175,000
Todays Market prices per pound are
High: $25.88
Low: $13.86
Average: $17.40
$46.22 for Aus Bluefin
All in US dollar

I "inherited" a surf rod for fishing from my grandfather, what do i do?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 23, 2010

I got it when he passed away and it’s about 8-10 feet long and the line is thicker than normal and my grandmother told me he used it for surf fishing, but i really don’t know anything about and it in interested me, and i am going to the beach in a few days and I wanted to know if I could use it while there w/o having to use a boat

sorry for not having a picture
but here’s what i can remember of it looking like
It’s open reel
about 8-10 feet long
the handle/hilt of it is about 1-1.5 feet long

I really don’t know what to do with it, let alone how to surf fish

if anyone can help or knows of a good site that cna give me hints/tips or any kind of help, I would be grateful
it’s a almsot new one, not one of the old kind

pretty pristeen(sp)[good] condition

To catch fish on the surf use mackerel, bunker (menhaden) or herring. Cut it into two inch pieces and put the chunk on the hook. Also use at least a 4-oz pyramid sinker and a 8/0 hook.

Is there good inland saltwater fishing around oak island, North Carolina about the last two weeks of march?

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 23, 2010

i’m in college and that is when our spring break is. i have about a 14 foot skiff i was wanting to know about the fishing on the inlets and streams. i always go in the summer and fall, but i’ve never been this early. any help is appreciated. i was kinda hoping for some redfish to be running but i didn’t know.

Around Oak Island, there will always be a few nice Speckled trout, if you fish the right places…Remember to work your lures slow. There might be a few Red Drum of medium size to be had also, but not necessarily a "run".. They will be scattered. March is a slow month in the "South Outer Banks", and you will have to fish a lot with little result, unless you hit a concentration of trout….The large trout seem to be loners this time of year, and when you catch one, it was probably by itself….Some of the deeper holes may hold a number of smaller trout, with a drum or two….Southwest winds are the best this time of year….North East is one to watch, especially with a 14 foot boat, as the inlet can get quite rough in a few minutes….

The World’s Largest Tuna Fishing Vessel

Posted by Lauren Yanez on May 18, 2010

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Kiribati — We chased it for 5 days, but as dawn broke over the Pacific this morning we finally confronted the biggest tuna fishing vessel in the world. The Spanish-owned and flagged tuna purse seiner “Albatun Tres” is known as a ‘super, super seiner’ and can net 3,000 tonnes of tuna in a single fishing trip. This is almost double the entire annual catch of some Pacific island countries.

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